Your Words, Our Audience

Like many publications, AR Insider has an editorial contributor program. This is to diversify our coverage by tapping into the opinions, perspectives and insights of industry leaders. This takes form in 600-1000 word Op/Ed submissions on trend analysis, experiences or strategic advice.

These submitted pieces are edited to ensure quality educational content without promotional material or intent. As governed by AR Insider’s disclosure and ethics policy, we edit such material and rarely allow references to authors’ own companies (except in their byline/bio).

In any scenarios where contributors wish to spotlight or promote the activities or products of their companies, we offer a sponsored article option. Unlike organic contributions, these are not edited as sponsors pay for articles to be published as submitted (we only copy edit for grammar).

Submission Criteria

Based on the above, a question often arises: “Where’s the line between sponsored and organic?” This involves several signals (objective and subjective) within a given piece. In either case, we make a judgment call using senses and standards developed over 20 years of journalistic writing.

To further characterize this key difference, below are a few factors that would designate a piece as organic or promotional.


— If the content is industry-level trends and takeaways, not company-centric
— If the content is opinionated and/or provocative
— If the author’s voice comes through in a genuine way, representing his or her experiences or beliefs, rather than that of his or her employer


— If an author’s company is the focus of the article, or is “plugged” in the copy.
— If the author’s company or its marketing department has any influence, co-authorship or requirement to approve the submission
— If the contributor’s job title includes sales, marketing or public relations (exception: CMO)
— If the tone and language are salesy or if it “reads” like a marketing piece (our discretion).

If you have questions on these delineations or wish to run something by us to decide, please reach out to us using the form below. We look forward to working with you in all of the above scenarios. Whether organic or sponsored, all submissions are welcome.