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AR Insider is a publication about the metaverse and spatial computing (AR & VR). Rather than producing news, AR Insider’s original writing focuses on magazine-style features, trend analysis and multimedia. We also collect and curate news daily from top sources. Deviating from news isn’t to say that coverage isn’t fact-based. Our charter is to produce deep and analytical views into spatial computing’s biggest players, opportunities and strategies – executed daily and with deep-rooted journalistic integrity (see Disclosure & Ethics Policy and Privacy Policy).

Run by analysts and former journalists, coverage is grounded in a disciplined and reportorial approach. It also maintains a business angle: Though there are lots of fun and games in AR & VR, long-term cultural, technological and financial implications are primary. This all takes form in daily articles, weekly newsletter and lots of multimedia. AR Insider is also operated by ARtillery Intelligence, which collectively engenders a circular flow of knowledge. Data and insights from ARtillery Intelligence inform AR Insider coverage, and vice versa (example).


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