How many licks of a Tootsie Pop does it take to get to the chewy center? And how many clicks of Moore’s Law will it take to get to meaningful AR adoption? The former, we’ll never know… the latter was the theme of Robert Scoble’s AWE presentation (see below).

And the verdict: it depends on what we mean by ‘meaningful adoption,’ but we’ll start to see more of the promise of smartglass-based AR in about four years (two clicks of Moore’s Law). Until then, there will be plenty of worthwhile innovation rolling out.

That starts with lots of smartphone-based AR, but also glasses such as Kopin, ODG and others. Scoble walks through several of these examples, using his inside track with lots of recent tech company visits/briefings, including new footage.

Upping the ante on his standard fare, he went a bit deeper and more granular for the advanced AWE audience.  We never get tired of hearing Scoble speak (and interviewing him) and this time was no different.

Check it out below and learn more about Scoble’s new consulting firm with Shel Israel (and ARtillry partner), The Transformation Group.

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Header image credit: YouTube