Among all of the things that VR users desire, more available content tops the list. This was shown in the latest ARtillry Intelligence Briefing: VR Usage & Consumer Attitudes (excerpt below), including implications, lessons and takeaways.

Working closely with Thrive Analytics, ARtillry authored questions to be fielded through its established survey engine. This first wave of Virtual Reality Monitor™ (VRM) taps a sample of 2000 adults to reveal consumer behavior patterns that are examined throughout the report.

ARtillry Intelligence Briefing: VR Usage & Consumer Attitudes, Part IC: Most Desired Areas of Improvement

Among the things that VR users desire, more available content tops the list. 55 percent said they want more content, and 45 percent want better quality content – the top two responses. This confirms what ARtillry has examined (see video below): Content is king in VR just like most other mediums.

But the challenge today is a classic “chicken & egg” dilemma for devices and content. Put briefly, there isn’t enough content to compel mass adoption of VR hardware; and there isn’t enough of an installed hardware base to compel content creators to invest time and money.

We’ll see this dilemma naturally alleviate over time, as more content is created and more devices are sold, in a sort of slow-moving step function.  Meanwhile there’s a clear hunger for content. This should signal a gap in VR’s value chain, and a business opportunity for potential entrants.

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