Though excitement levels have receded a bit, we’ve all heard claims that AR and VR market sizes will be massive. But how big will they realistically get? ARtillry Intelligence quantified several XR sub-sectors in it’s latest forecast, and in the latest episode of ARtillry Briefs (video below).

And the verdict? Global AR & VR revenues will grow from $4.1 billion in 2016 to $79 billion by 2021. This is certainly steep growth as it starts from a small base, but it’s a bit tempered compared to many firms’ projections, and is informed by slow consumer XR spending in 2017.

As for a breakdown of the major sub-sectors of the XR spectrum, consumer VR leads all categories today, but will be quickly eclipsed by enterprise AR. That growth will be driven by clear ROI for enterprise buyers, lack of stylistic barriers and a form factor that supports all-day use.

See our video companion below for more breakdowns, as well as a bonus video that explains the report’s production, inclusions/exclusions and methodology. You can also preview the report here, including key takeaways and charts. Subscribe to ARtillry Insights to access the entire thing.

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