Oculus Go will jolt consumer VR adoption and sell one million units. Mobile AR revenues will exceed $1 billion, mostly through Pokemon Go-like in-app purchases. And enterprise AR will take the revenue lead among XR sub-sectors.

These were a few 2018 predictions in ARtillry’s latest Intelligence Briefing, XR: 2017 Lessons, 2018 Predictions. Following coverage earlier this week on 2017 learnings, what does 2018 have in store for XR? We boil it down in the latest episode of ARtillry Briefs (video below).

The short version: in addition to predictions listed above, mobile AR app standards will start to improve, but most apps will remain underwhelming. An impactful minority of apps will stand out by applying native and “AR-first” approaches. One will really break out to define the category.

Enterprise AR, again the leading XR sub sector in 2018 and beyond, will see the most success from companies that navigate enterprise sales cycles (in addition to immersive tech chops). That means cross-disciplinary teams and domain expertise in the verticals that are being targeted.

Lastly, fighting fragmentation will be a huge priority in ’18. That includes cross-platform interoperability and unifying tech like Web VR/AR. We’ll also see more graphical tools and libraries like Google Blocks and Poly, and the AR cloud will gain due attention and importance.

See the breakdown below in the latest episode of ARtillry Briefs, and stay tuned for lots more commentary.

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