Location based VR (LBVR) will be an important stepping stone to bring VR to the masses, before consumer hardware ownership scales. We saw the same trend with arcades in the 80’s, before home game console ownership grew.

With that backdrop, ARtillry has partnered with VR Arcade conference 2018. Taking place April 28-29 in Mountain View, CA, it will be a focused B2B conference to connect VR arcades, theme parks, VR studios, VR publishers, Hollywood producers, and VR hardware companies.

This will include a mix of demos and sessions for strategic knowledge building around the sector’s opportunities. As a media partner, we also get discount codes to distribute to our audience. If you’re interested in attending contact us for a code.

We hope to see you there. Shoot us a note if you want to meet up at the show, especially for analyst briefings and editorial coverage. Meanwhile, more details about the show can be found here, and last year’s intro and keynote are embedded below.

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Disclosure: As a media outlet, ARtillry frequently partners with industry events, which involves cross promotion (terms are here). No money changes hands for editorial coverage (past examples) such as this post. Disclosure and ethics policy can be seen here.