VRX Immersive Enterprise is just a week away. June 26-27 in Boston, it will examine XR’s enterprise revenue impact. Speakers include Ford, Lockheed Martin, HTC and GM — meaning the supply and demand sides are represented.

The value will lie in collaboration and shared best practices. As the VR industry continues to develop ways to accelerate enterprise adoption, it’s all about gaining knowledge and network. And the timing is right to examine case studies and proof points for XR’s enterprise impact.

ARtillry has partnered with VRX (terms are here), which means discounts for our readers. Use the code ARTILLRY15 to receive 15 percent off. But hurry because the show is only a week away. You can also see more about the speakers here and the conference agenda here.

Meanwhile, below are more details and reasons to attend from the conference organizers:

DISCOVER REAL-WORLD ENTERPRISE APPLICATIONS: Hear where immersive tech is having the biggest business impacts; with deep dive sessions on how it’s revolutionizing training, collaboration, design & visualization and customer engagement

OVERCOME INTERNAL BARRIERS TO ADOPTION: Front line insights on how to navigate the technological and cultural hurdles to incorporating mixed reality into workflows across multiple areas of your business

PROVEN CASE STUDIES SHOWCASING REAL RESULTS: Find out how to capitalize on right opportunities as business awareness of the wide applications of VR & AR increases

AR, VR – OR BOTH? Learn which is right for which applications – and how to make sure you don’t waste time and money finding out

PICKING THE RIGHT USE-CASES: Understand which technologies and platforms suit which purposes. And how to make sure you always pick the right applications for your business

TOOLS, APPLICATIONS & IMPLEMENTATION: Understand the tools available, best use-cases and methods of implementation for VR & AR across different industries

SCALING UP FOR SUCCESS: Overcome the challenges of scaling XR in your business. Find out how to drive projects from the lab to full-scale deployment

WHERE’S THE ROI? Get dozens of case examples of where VR & AR implementation is helping a whole variety of businesses improve productivity, drive efficiency gains and reduce errors 

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