Headworn AR is the holy grail we’re all hoping arrives sooner. It’s definitely here, but not in form factors that are stylistically tenable for consumer markets. How long will it take? What’s the fate of Apple’s AR glasses? And how is headworn AR performing in enterprise today?

These will be topics tackled at AWE NITE SF’s October meetup. The event will go deep with exemplars in the headworn AR value chain. That includes speakers from Kura, RealMax and the living legend that is Avi Bar-Zeev. Others will be announced soon and Tom Emrich will moderate.

AWE Nite SF, for those unfamiliar, is the local meetup version of AWE EXPO. Like its parent’s leading position in the world of AR mega-events, AWE Nite SF is the mother of AR meetups. And SF represents the first in what has become a global network of AWE Nite chapters.

As a bonus, AR Insider is a production partner of the event and often dispatches writers and analysts to host/emcee the program. That’s the case for the October event, as we’ll kick things off with some data and a recap of the trends & events we’re tracking.

And just for fun, here’s the video of August’s AWE Nite SF when we last hosted, as a teaser for what to expect in the (differently themed) October meetup. Contact us for a comp code to attend. There will be lots of knowledge and networking to gain.


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