What are the biggest insights and observations in immersive tech & media this week? Welcome to Reality Bytes, featuring lightning-round commentary from AR Insider partner M7 Innovations. Founder Matt Maher lends his insights from the trenches of digital media creation.

We continue the narrative this week with Maher’s look at Instagram’s new guardrails, Adobe’s latest AR play and Unity’s bleeding edge. See the quick summary below, followed by embedded video. And stay tuned each week for more tech & media musings from Maher.

🔒 Instagram releases three tools for parents that will help monitor their children’s usage. We debate if these features are functional or fluff.

🤳 Adobe announces a tool that lets you point your phone at a product image and see its virtual twin in your space via Augmented Reality. We dive into the tech.

🤖 Unity showcases its latest visual effects upgrades and they’re stunning. We discuss the creative collision between entertainment and gaming.

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