The K-Metaverse Pavilion featured prominently at AWE Asia 2023. As one of the largest country pavilions at the conference, the K-Metaverse pavilion showcased 6 companies that were selected based on their promise to advance South Korea’s metaverse industry, and presented a session on regional trends at the conference. And to cap things off, Pavilion member LITA Studio took home the Auggie Award for the Best Application for its project, Lost World.

The K-Metaverse Pavilion is an initiative of South Korea’s National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA), with NIPA selecting participating companies to attend global XR events year-round. The K-Metaverse Pavilion is one way that NIPA supports exports and international collaboration centering on South Korea’s metaverse industry; and is part of a wider initiative of the Korean government to foster homegrown innovation in XR and the metaverse. Other events on the pavilion’s schedule include MWC Las Vegas, North Star Dubai, the XR Fair Tokyo, and CES.

Enter the K-Metaverse: Innovations from South Korean Companies in Immersive Technology

K-Metaverse Session Wrap Up

K-Metaverse pavilion participants presented the session “Enter the K-Metaverse : Innovations from South Korean Companies in Immersive Technology” at AWE Asia 2023 with individual introductions by each participating company in the pavilion.


Salin CEO Jason (Jae-Hyun) Kim presented “Museum for ALL: More Inclusive Museums,” exploring how Salin’s mixed reality solutions have been deployed in museums around Korea to better serve students with auditory disabilities by blending live guided tours with sign language interpretation and visual guidance throughout tours. See the video below.


Dataking then took the stage, with AD Ms. Gyuna Kim presenting “The Future of Creation-to-Earn and Web3.0,” exploring how Dataking’s Hexaworld product allows creators to build community and monetize content.


Emotionwave CSO Mr. Seunghyun Cho presented “Innovation of Music Experience through Metaverse based on Web3,” explaining how the company’s VFX and 3D rendering tools help to bring musical performances into the metaverse.

LITA Studio

LITA Studio CEO Mr. Seung Hee Jung presented “Experience of Ancient Civilization in Metaverse,” demonstrating how students can experience the monuments, governments, and cultures of ancient societies in VR.


DOORIBUN Project Manager Mr. Chanwoo Park then presented “Specialized Metaverse Media Service for Virtual Character Content Creation, I-TUBER,” examining the intersection of 3D rendering, live streaming, and entertainment in the metaverse.

P&C Solution

Finally, P&C Solution Manager Mr. Sidney (Heekeun) Choi presented “South Korea’s Vision for XR: Transforming Industries with AR Glasses.”

LITA Wins Auggie Award

VR content production studio LITA won the Auggie Award for Best Application at AWE Asia 2023 for its project “Lost Worlds”. The award was presented by conference keynote speaker Mr. Terry Schussler, Senior Director of XR and Metaverse at Deutsche Telekom.

Altogether, the K-Metaverse and its orbiting member appearances at AWE Asia demonstrated how South Korea is becoming a formidable innovation hub for spatial computing’s next era. Those interested in connecting with innovative companies from South Korea can email Mr. Alan Park.

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