Now that Vision Pro has been released into the wild, years of evolution, developer innovation, and use case discovery begin. But before all that unfolds, we have lots of hands-on analysis to quench years of waiting and anticipation. That’s right, it’s time for a Vision Pro review roundup.

We’ve selected our favorites from the review core. With ample hands-on time, these go a few steps beyond the earlier batch of announcement-day Apple-chaperoned reviews. Those we selected also go further than sheer specs, peering into Apple’s strategic positioning and trajectory.

And the consensus so far? A common chorus is that Vision Pro is an impressive specimen and a technological feat… but it’s also flawed in several ways. That’s to be expected from a V1 product. The exciting part is how this provides a glimpse into spatial computing’s future.

Or as WSJ’s Joanna Stern put it:

The Vision Pro has every characteristic of a first-generation product. It’s heavy, it’s battery life sucks, there aren’t that many great apps yet, and sometimes it’s buggy. But when you imagine a device without those constraints, you see where it could be better than holding a phone to your face. For now, it gives you a pretty great way to work and watch movies. Is that worth $3,500? That’s between you and your bank account. But in those 24 hours, I could see Apple’s future vision here. A pixelated and, yes, a little distorted glimpse of it, that is…

Vision Pro Ships Today with Glimpses of Tomorrow

5 Hands-on Takes

On to the video reviews, here are our top picks in no particular order.

Nilay Pitel, The Verge

Marques Brownlee

Joanna Stern, WSJ

Scott Stein, CNET

Cleo Abram

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