Apple Vision Pro aims to jumpstart a new era of computing. Combining AR and VR, the device promises a revolutionary approach to interacting with the world. Like the Mac, iPhone, and iPad redefined their respective domains, Vision Pro aspires to transform how we interact with technology.

New technology has typically been a major boon to workplace productivity. The Mac, iPhone, and iPad catalyzed new workplace trends soon after their launches. Will Vision Pro do the same? Does it truly set a new ‘vision’ for productivity? Let’s explore its potential impact on professional workflows and daily communication.

A Look Back at the Original Apple Watch

You’ll notice a drastic difference if you go back and watch how the original Apple Watch was positioned versus today. The initial Apple Watch’s positioning was all about connecting with people and receiving notifications.

What about the Apple Watch today? It’s all about fitness. Apple ventured into an entirely new category, not knowing how customers would use it. Was Apple wrong in its original “pitch” for the Apple Watch? Yes and no. Over time, it became clear that the killer app for the Apple Watch was all about fitness, so Apple began to tailor the product around how people decided they wanted to use it. They added GPS tracking and additional health-focused sensors over the years. Apple CEO Tim Cook has said this about Apple’s health innovations:

“I really believe that if you zoom out to the future and look back to ask: ‘What has Apple’s greatest contribution been?’ It will be in the wellness and health area.”

Compared to the original messaging around the Apple Watch, reading that quote today shows that Apple can pivot its messaging.

What Does Apple Watch Have to Do with Vision Pro?

Just days after its release, the Apple Vision Pro has sparked hot takes that are reminiscent of the initial reviews for the original Apple Watch. Like the Apple Watch, the key to understanding the potential and future of the Vision Pro lies in Apple learning how and what people use it for.

Similarly, the Vision Pro is at its V1 stage, and user feedback will be crucial to its evolution. Wearing the Vision Pro for long periods (like a workday) is uncomfortable, and despite its current limitations—like the lack of Bluetooth mouse support and battery life concerns—there’s room for significant improvement.

As users find new ways to incorporate the Vision Pro into their daily routines and work, Apple will likely tailor the device’s new hardware and software features (and marketing messaging) to support these emerging uses. Just as the Apple Watch evolved to meet its users’ health and fitness needs, the Vision Pro’s future iterations could become more work-friendly, lighter, and built around an infinite digital workspace.

Wrap-Up on Apple Vision Pro

Is Apple’s Vision Pro the future of productivity and connectivity? It’s possible: The ability to have a truly immersive workspace is something that people have dreamed about for decades. You could have a workspace with room for everything you need to do your work without needing to carry around multiple monitors and accessories. It’s completely possible that in the coming years, a much lighter and smaller Apple Vision Pro will bring an infinite workspace that offers holographic video meetings and productivity apps running on top of even more advanced Generative AI technology. All of this is possible… or it’s not.

We can’t predict product adoption and use cases like any new technology. Apple Vision Pro could be the future of work, or it could be the future of watching movies and attending concerts. It could completely flop. We have no way of knowing other than waiting and watching.

Vision Pro Ships Today with Glimpses of Tomorrow

Vision Pro might be the beginning of a brand-new computer paradigm. If mobility caused how we communicate to change so dramatically, imagine what an immersive virtual reality workspace will do.

Anecdotally speaking, it’s off to a good start. Spike’s email and messaging platform runs great on Apple Vision Pro, just like any iPad app. This compatibility not only highlights the platform’s present versatility but also offers a preview of what the future holds for productivity and connectivity within the context of a truly immersive business team space.

We’re certainly watching how consumers and professionals adopt it, so we’ll have much more to say in the future. Apple Vision Pro looks like the best AR/VR software on the planet. Will this technology take off in the workplace?

Oren Todoros is head of content strategy at Spike.

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