One of Korea’s government institutes, the National IT Promotion Agency (NIPA), has selected 8 Korean metaverse and XR companies to be featured at the K-Metaverse Pavilion at the Augmented World Expo USA (AWE USA) 2024.

South Korea has been a hotbed of metaverse news in recent years, including announcements of public support for metaverse investment funds, and a government plan to be a global top 5 metaverse market.

Add to that list the K-Metaverse Pavilion’s return to AWE USA, which will showcase innovations in the Korean metaverse industry at the Long Beach Convention Center from June 18-20, 2024 at Booth #509. The 8 selected companies will dedicate their exhibit time to identifying global partners and investors as part of a business matching program.

The 8 companies selected for the K-Metaverse Pavilion will also present insights on their role in the Korean XR industry in the session “Unveiling the Visionary Innovations of Korea’s Leading Metaverse Companies” at AWE USA’s Start-Up & Investor content track, held at Room 103C on June 19th, from 10:20 AM –11:15 AM.

More information on the session can be found here, and attendees are encouraged to RSVP here.

The K-Metaverse Showcase at AWE USA

The 8 Companies Selected for the K-Metaverse Pavilion at AWE USA

dob Studio: Virtual Face Solutions for Creators

dob Studio’s Virtual Human AI technology is a creative expression tool for building virtual faces. dob Studio’s virtual cases tool allows users to create social media content using a brand new face and to experience life as a different version of themselves. Meanwhile, its Facetate tool is a facial IP value chain management service that helps you produce videos using technology from dob Studio such as Face Swap, artificial video reconstruction, and de-aging.

HAEGIN: Creators of the “Play Together” Metaverse Game

HAEGIN Advanced Games Company is the creator of the globally successful “Play Together” game. Play Together is a mobile game that launched during the midst of the pandemic. Since then, it has been acting as a medium for players around the world to connect with their loved ones and meet new friends online. Play Together now embarks on a new challenge to expand its presence even further around the world.

LBStech: WheelAR Platform for Making Cities Navigable for PWD

LBSTech integrates augmented reality (AR) into its services, such as the WheelAR platform, to enhance cultural and tourism experiences for people with disabilities by providing accessible information tailored to their needs.

MOPIC: Light Field 3D Technology

MOPIC implements depth perception on flat displays through Lightfield 3D display technology. Their technology combines precise 3D lenses onto flat display panels to create a lightfield, offering a stereoscopic viewing experience without the need for 3D glasses. With 90 FPS high-speed eye tracking, MOPIC provides consistent stereoscopic images even with movement, while minimizing the cross-talk phenomenon that disrupts video immersion (where two 3D images overlap and appear blurred). Additionally, MOPIC supports software that is compatible with all 3D content and provides development tools for users to create their own content.

Qlab: Immersive XR Experience Content Development and Hardware for Education, Dance, and Sports

Qlab creates immersive dance, sports, and educational content using projection interaction, RGB sensors, and AI-based motion recognition technology. The company focuses on experiences that inspire joy among adults such as immersive K-Pop dance content, and captivate K-12 students with thoughtfully gamified educational content using interactive walls.

Rebuilder AI: A Leading Mobile-Based AI 3D Scanner

Rebuilder AI is developing an AI solution service that enables anyone to easily and quickly create 3D content for the upcoming era of spatial computing.

The2H: The Creator of PersonalSpace, A Portable 4DX Device that Allows Users to Immerse Themselves in Media Content

The2H is one of the world’s leading immersive content and technology developers, specializing in the creation of global gaming content as well as next-generation haptic & sensory technology to maximize the impact of immersive experiences.

YATAV: A Metaverse Counseling Platform

YATAV is developing a metaverse platform for psychological counseling powered with AI facial recognition technology with a mission to increase accessibility for mental health services.

Those with interest in connecting with these companies or others in the Korean metaverse ecosystem may contact

About NIPA:

NIPA is a non-profit governmental organization affiliated with the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning of the Republic of Korea.

NIPA devotes itself to reinforcing the competitiveness of the ICT industry and contributes to the economic growth through the efficient support and laying the groundwork for the industrial technology promotion.

For more information, please contact: Kevin Seo at

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