One of VR’s success factors we’ve examined is “native thinking.” The thought is, develop for new platforms’ unique capabilities, rather than porting content or experiences from legacy media.

And one of the ways that’s playing out is “sandbox” experiences that let you roam freely in a given virtual space, discovering various ways to manipulate the environment. Two exemplars of this concept are Robo Recall and Job Simulator according to FusedVR‘s Hassan Karaouni.

“On the surface, these are two completely different experiences,” Karaouni said at a recent SVVR meetup (video below). “But if you look deeper, they both excel at one common thing: they invite users to experiment in the virtual world, and when those experiments work, it feels great.”

Another important success factor is good cross-disciplanary teams. And the path to success varies for different disciplines. Openings in the value chain depend on whether you’re a developer, a designer, or in business development. And right now, the time is ripe for all of them.

“If you’re a developer, just build something,” said Karaouni. “It could be crazy, just post it online and people will check it out because people are hungry for content. Maybe you’re on the business side: jump in, find out where the opportunities are. And share that as well.”

See the full address below, coded to start at the beginning of Karaouni’s presentation.

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