Enterprise is a promising area for AR, particularly in the near term when smart glasses don’t yet meet consumer standards (size, weight, style, etc.). And there’s a clear ROI story for AR in the enterprise. But do enterprises themselves think so?

PricewaterhouseCoopers recently published survey data indicating that AR adoption among enterprises is still relatively low at 10 percent. But on the bright side, it has lots of headroom to grow: 24 percent of enterprises report interest in investing in AR over the next three years.

Broken down by vertical, Automotive shows the most AR interest with 18 percent reporting investment today, and 31 percent will over the next three years. This was followed by media & telecom (15 percent adoption), healthcare (11 percent adoption) and retail (10 percent adoption).

Auto’s leading position in this survey isn’t surprising, given the cost savings and streamlining that can be accomplished with AR-guided assembly. Healthcare and retail also make lots of sense, given the additive value of graphical overlays for hands-free surgery, or in-store product info.

Though this is all good news for AR, its position relative to other emerging tech is still a bit wanting. Reported interest in other areas that outweigh AR, including Internet of Things, AI and Robotics. We believe AR’s position in these rankings will grow in the next few years.

See all of the data points below, and stay tuned for lots more insights and analysis.


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