Where is AR being incorporated in the enterprise? What are consumers saying about VR? And how will graphics libraries unlock AR & VR creation? These are a few topics we covered last week.

We didn’t distribute an issue of ARtillry Weekly last week due to the Thanksgiving holiday but below is a roundup of headlines from ARtillry’s coverage of the AR & VR worlds. ARtillry Weekly will resume publishing on Thursday (subscribe here).

AR & VR Investors: ‘Near-Term Scale is All About Enterprise’

Will 3D Graphics Libraries Accelerate AR & VR?

ARCore vs. ARkit: How Do They Stack Up?

Data Point of the Week: Is $200 the ‘Magic Price’ for VR Adoption?

Mapping Data Is AR’s Scaffolding

ARtillry Briefs, Episode 7: Taking Consumers’ VR Temperature


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