As the XR industry continues to develop ways to accelerate consumer and enterprise adoption, it’s all about gaining knowledge and network. And the timing is right to examine product and business models, given VR’s early phases.

With that backdrop, VRX 2018 is coming to San Francisco in December to examine XR’s commercial impact. To do that, it has assembled A-list speakers from Google, Microsoft, HTC and Cadillac — a roster that represents both supply and demand sides of the XR equation.

ARtillry has partnered with VRX, which means a 15 percent discount for Artillry PRO subscribers. Contact us to find out more. Meanwhile, you can see more about speakers here, the conference agenda here and more details from the conference organizers below.

GET THE LATEST XR MARKET KNOWLEDGE: Find out how to capitalize on the right opportunities as consumer and business leader awareness of the wide applications of VR/AR and MR increases

UNDERSTAND THE COMMERCIALS: Explore the business models, distribution channels and content types that will propel VR & AR forward and position your business to grow as the market takes off

DISCOVER REAL-WORLD APPLICATIONS: See what pioneering studios, agencies and enterprises are doing right now – get insight on what works and what doesn’t to create compelling, immersive and intuitive experiences

HEAR HOW VR IS REVOLUTIONIZING FILM & BROADCAST MEDIA: Hear how studios are starting to make truly immersive cinematic VR content. And look at how the medium is going to hugely disrupt how content is made – and watched – over the next decade

EXPERIENCE THE BEST CONTENT DEMOS & APPLICATIONS: Try out the latest VR games and experiences on the latest devices and learn the thought processes behind every stage of development

MAKE THE RIGHT PARTNERSHIPS: Find out who the fastest growing and most innovative players that will allow you to grow are – they’ll all be in attendance… from start-ups and independents to multinational companies and global tech juggernauts 

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