As the XR industry continues to develop ways to accelerate consumer and enterprise adoption, it’s all about gaining knowledge and network. And the timing is right to examine product and business models, given XR’s early phases.

With that backdrop, XRDC is coming to San Francisco in October to examine XR’s commercial impact. To do that, it has assembled A-list speakers spread across both supply and demand sides of the XR ecosystem. And the program will span eight thematic tracks, shown below.

AR Insider has partnered with XRDC, which means a 10 percent discount for Artillery PRO subscribers. You can see more about the conference here, and more details from the conference organizers below. There will be lots of networking and knowledge to gain.

From the Conference Organizers:

XRDC brings together the entire AR, VR, & MR ecosystem to drive innovation, share best practices, identify opportunities, and push the market forward. Join attendees from the leading VR and AR platforms, content creators for all types of immersive experiences, leading brands across industries, and technology companies for unrivaled networking and access to the latest innovations.

Who Attends
VR & AR Platforms – Apple, DAQRI, Google, Viveport, Intel, Magic Leap, Microsoft, Oculus, Playstation, Samsung
Innovative Industries – Aerospace, Automotive, Education, Healthcare, Industrial Design, Insurance, Retail, Training, Travel
Content Creators – Game Developers, Film & Transmedia Studios, Advertising & Brand Agencies, Content Platforms/Distributors, Startups
Consumer Brands – Airbnb, Amazon, Capital One, ESPN, Honda, Hulu, Lowe’s, Nike, Shopify, State Farm, Tesla
Tools & Technologies – 3D Engines, HMDs, Eye Tracking, Haptics, Peripherals, Processors, Startups
Press & Analysts – Game, VR/AR, technology, and mainstream outlets
VCs & Investors

Job Focus of Past Attendees
Business – 30%
Programming – 26%
Design – 24%
Production – 17%
Visual Arts – 11%
Audio – 3%

Company Focus of Past Attendees
Tools Software
Education & Training
Retail & Commercial
Industrial & Product Design
Medical & Healthcare
Funding & VC

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