What are the biggest insights and observations in AR and adjacent sectors this week? Welcome to Reality Bytes, featuring lightning-round commentary from AR Insider partner M7 Innovations. Founder Matt Maher lends his insights from the trenches of AR experience creation.

We continue the narrative this week with Maher’s look at Gucci AR sneakers, Facebook’s neural interfaces and smart metal. See the quick summary below, followed by embedded video. And stay tuned each week for more AR-related musings from Maher.

  👟 Gucci is selling a pair of sneakers for $12.99. The catch? They’re virtual and can only be worn via Augmented Reality. We dive in.

🧠 Facebook is building a Neural Interface for the next generation of computing. Zuckerberg’s empire plugged into your brain, what could go wrong?

🧑‍🏭 Nitinol is a metal that can remember it’s past shape, which opens it up for a slew of life saving use cases, We discuss.

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