What’s the current snapshot of VR and AR; and where do the biggest near term opportunities lie? The latest episode of ARtillry Workshop takes data-grounded approach to answering these questions.

With roughly 17 million VR headsets sold to date, The sector’s momentum is clear but it still pales in comparison to current ubiquitous hardware. The latter is represented by the $2.6 billion smartphones in use globally.

That points to a nearer term opportunity for mobile VR (Daydream, GearVR, etc.). It also points to opportunities with temporal VR experiences that don’t include an upfront HMD purchase, such as VRCades.

The same goes for AR: We’re not technologically (nor culturally) there yet for smart glasses ubiquity. So mobile is showing the way for a “good enough,” but more importantly scalable opportunity for AR. And there are other wild cards.

We unpack all of this in the latest ARtillry Workshop. Replicated from our presentation at the latest ARVR MunchnLearn, the presentation (slides and voiceover) can be seen below. The on-site presentation video will be available shortly. Stay tuned.