There’s a saying internally at Google: “We like to eat our own dogfood.” Used to describe the corporate culture of using its own devices — for both solidarity and beta testing — we invoked the term this week to “walk the walk” with VR.

At Wednesday’s ARVR MunchnLearn in Palo Alto we presented data and insights on the VR sector…live in VR. This essentially involved me presenting 2D slides just like any other presentation, but in front of a green screen.

The on-site audience saw just that. But the remote live audience got to see slides that animated and filled the parameters of the 360 viewscape. This involved some software and optical wizardry, care of 3D production company Spinor.

Though rudimentary, admitted MunchnLearn founder Mohammad Musa, the format will evolve to be more “native” to VR. In other words it won’t use rectangular slides — a vestige of 2D media — but immersive 3D graphics that sync with presentations.

In the meantime it remains a step forward, and brings an additional layer of fun and immersion to an otherwise 2D presentation. Look for more presentations like this from ARVR MunchnLearn, and others in the industry.

The entire presentation can be seen on-demand below. View it in any compatible browser (not Safari) to pan with your mouse or finger. Or preferably, use any VR headset that has the YouTube app, including mobile VR (YouTube cardboard mode).