As we’ve mentioned, mobile AR will dominate before smart-glasses do.  For example, today’s installed hardware base (2.6 billion smartphones) shows that mobile will be the venue for AR innovation and opportunity, at least in the near term.

And today’s tech giants are showing lots of signs that they agree — most notably Snapchat and Facebook. Though their early attempts aren’t “true AR” they’re doing AR a favor by seeding demand in early days.

We first saw this with Pokemon Go and Snapchat 3D stickers, which just expanded into “real world lenses.” That was followed last week by the ultimate retort from Facebook: its AR-heavy F8 conference.

Even though Snapchat has already pioneered many of the camera-centric AR products that Facebook announced, the latter could pull ahead through business model innovations. And that will stem from its open platform approach.

We discuss this and other aspects of mobile AR in Episode 3 of ARtillry Briefs, which you can view below.