What can VR and AR learn from past tech revolutions? This is a question we’ve been thinking about a lot, including a recent ARtillry Workshop, and a conference presentation which is now available as a replay (embedded below).

Some of these lessons are unfolding as we speak and others can can inform the trajectory — or timing — of upcoming VR and AR opportunities. A few lessons include:

— The iPhone 1’s early “content-starved” days were followed by years of third-party innovation that built on the hardware foundation. That is what we can expect in VR’s future, though we’re currently challenged by a classic  “chicken & egg” factor.

— The most successful VR apps and games will carry the same success factors as smartphone apps. Those that apply “native thinking,” will outperform those that shoehorn legacy media into a new format. Develop to the extent of the platform’s capabilities.

— VR Arcades and theme parks are preceding VR home ownership/use.. just like video game arcades of the 70s and 80s that preceded home console ubiquity. That will represent a near-term opportunity in VR.

For more, see the full presentation below and stay tuned for more.

Acknowledgements: Loreta Tarozaite, Aldo Chaidez, the VR/AR Association, De La Boca Productions and ARVR MunchnLearn