There’s been lots of talk about how AR’s nearer term growth will happen in the enterprise, due to a more adoptive buyer that can make a real ROI case (reduced assembly time, greater output, etc.).

Now, more data has been released to strengthen that case. In tandem with its new Glass Enterprise Edition, Google says that AR reduces manufacturing and assembly time by 25 percent and inspection time by 30 percent.

A few vertical specific examples come from Dignity Health, where Glass has helped doctors reduce time spent on administrative work from 33 percent of their day, down to ten percent. And DHL has reported a 15 percent boost in supply chain efficiency due to Google Glass.

We predict a lot more data points in support of Enterprise AR, as players like Google Glass, Hololens, ODG and others continue to make the case for its bottom-line impact.

Image Credit: AGCO

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Header image credit: AGCO