Among all of the things that VR users desire, more available content tops the list. This according to the Virtual Reality Monitor completed recently by Thrive Analytics in Partnership with ARtillry.

Specifically, consumers were asked what areas of improvements they would like to see in their current VR device. 55 percent said more content and 45 percent said better quality content.

This confirms what we’ve examined a few times: Content is king in VR just like it is in most other mediums. And the challenge today is a classic “chicken & egg” dilemma for devices and content.

Put briefly, there isn’t enough content to compel mass adoption of VR hardware, and there isn’t enough of an installed hardware base to compel content creators to invest time and money.

We’ll see this dilemma naturally alleviate over time, as more content is created and more devices are sold, in a sort of slow-moving step function.  Meanwhile there’s a clear hunger for content.

Stay tuned for more consumer survey data from the Virtual Reality Monitor, including this month’s ARtillry Intelligence Briefing, which will focus on the findings and their implications.

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Header image credit: Impressa Solutions