Immersive technologies hold lots of potential to streamline business operations — both corporate and “heavier” fare like manufacturing. But the opportunity hinges on professional development and education.

With that backdrop, Shel Israel’s Transformation Group has launched a series of live online classes. known as AR & the Future, they help professionals understand how immersive technology will transform business.

The next class is coming up on November 28th. Entitled AR & The Future, Enterprises & Backrooms, it will zero in on how AR will unlock functionality and value in backroom operations.

More details are below and you can use ARtillry’s discount code (VRAR2) when registering.

AR & the Future: Enterprises and Backrooms

Nov. 28, 2017 10:00 AM to 12 pm Pacific Time

Summary: Even though media attention focuses mostly on immersive technology in consumer-facing business, a great deal of the adoption and ROI is happening within enterprises and in the backrooms of retail organizations. The gains are being realized in logistics, safety, training and efficiency. Rather than zapping aliens, these applications improve profitability, morale and communication effectiveness.

Shel Israel, Transformation Group CEO & co-author of The Fourth Transformation: How Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence Will Change Everything will present an overview of how AR is changing the enterprise, where the costs and limitations of devices seem far less relevant to miners and oil rig workers than they do to shoppers and gamers.

He will explore use cases most relevant to the enterprise and backrooms of retail operations.

This session will include a guest presentation by Wolfgang Stelzle, founder and CEO of RE’FLEKT, a Munich-based startup working with Daimler, Porche, Bosch, Seepex and Microsoft. He will explain how the basic application of converting user manuals into AR-based instructions will save billions of dollars while making customers happier and more successful.

The class is designed for managers and professionals who want to use AR to bolster their companies and careers. Attendees will develop knowledge they can use to start their own AR efforts while educating and motivating others.

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