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82 percent of consumers “totally agree” that they’d like to see, explore and configure their next car using immersive technologies like AR and VR. This is according to the latest survey conducted by VR Intelligence, in partnership with ZeroLight, in anticipation of VRX 2018.

One of XR’s top projected industries is indeed automotive. That goes for manufacturer-facing functions like design, as well as consumer-facing functions like product visualization. For the latter, cars hit all the marks for product attributes that are fitting to AR visualization: big and expensive.

So it’s no surprise that consumers today are indicating interest in having XR aid the sometimes tedious car-buying process. AR visualization can better inform car shoppers at the top of the funnel, while immersive VR tours can let them further filter choices without going to the dealership.

But XR won’t be a silver bullet in car buying. A majority of consumers believe it will be important alongside other technologies like web search. The aspects of XR that will bring the most value according to survey respondents include interactivity, visual quality and freedom of movement.

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But perhaps most importantly, how will XR actual influence car purchases? This is the real ROI metric and impetus for sell-side adoption. And though it’s hard to pinpoint that with “aspirational” survey data, the results are promising: 88.5 percent believe XR will influence their purchase.

You can see more detail in the infographic below, including demographic info. All of this pertains to the overall sample, but the report also segments results by country. Download the full report here to see those breakdowns as well as methodology and sample demographics.

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Header image credit: BMW