Friends: If you’re seeing this post, you’ve been redirected from ARtillry (or we’re already getting SEO juice!).

Coming up on the two-year mark, we’re moving into adolescence (in website years). That means lots of things we’ll announce soon, but for now we’re assuming a new identity. AR Insider is our new face, and we’re looking forward to being just that — your AR Inside-knowledge source.

The startupy persona of ARtillry has already become an inside source for XR intelligence. And we’re proud of the ramping and recurring traffic from XR enthusiasts. Our weekly newsletter is subscribed by a who’s-who of industry influencers and leaders in spatial computing.

But as we move into the next chapter, we hope to be that same source of intelligence for a larger audience of XR and non-xr folks. It’s our founding contention that over the next five years, every brand, enterprise, media company and creative agency are going to come to a realization.

That inevitable and impending realization is that AR is the future, and it will impact their lives and businesses. Like we did a decade ago for a similar realization about smartphones, we want to be there to educate those legions of AR converts. It’s all about having an informed position.

The best way to do that is with a brand that says what it is. AR Insider will be that brand and more importantly, that entity in proven substance. As before, we won’t cover news (there are others that already do that well), but rather daily deep dives into strategic narratives and trend analysis.

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As for our research arm, ARtillry Intelligence, that will live on. In fact, it will support AR Insider in a circular flow of knowledge. As was the case with ARtillry, data and insights from ARtillry Intelligence will inform editorial coverage, and vice versa. Our editorial policies remain.

As for you, we hope you keep reading. Our redirects and SEO are in play and the content archive is migrated. If we’ve done our job right, you won’t have to do anything. But do stay tuned for new announcements, including opportunities to contribute your own experiences and insights.

Also look forward to a lot more of the same — daily insights, weekly newsletter, monthly reports (ARtillry Intelligence) and lots of multimedia. Our job is to make you XR smart.

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