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WebAR While You WFH

by Tom Emrich

One of the superpowers of augmented and virtual reality is to make the ordinary, extraordinary. And with WebAR and WebVR, you can experience something awesome with just a click of a link. I’ve rounded up five WebAR and WebVR experiences powered by 8th Wall to help you add a little wonder to your world during your stay at home.

1. Train to become a LEGO Master with a never-ending supply of LEGO blocks

Build your own 3D creation and level-up your LEGO skills with the LEGO Masters Builder WebAR experience. Fox and LEGO teamed up with Trigger — The Mixed Reality Agency to develop this WebAR experience that lets you play along with the hit TV show “LEGO Masters” for a chance to win a prize. Be sure to check out LEGO Masters Fox on Twitter for this week’s challenge (US only).

⚒️ You can try it yourself by heading over to on a smartphone or tablet — I can’t wait to see what you create!

2. Turn your room into a surreal Pink Floyd music video

Watch as monolithic heads rise from the earth and ominous streetlights appear and contort all set to the classic tunes of Pink Floyd. Sony Music Entertainment collaborated with Liverpool-based studio Draw & Code on a WebAR experience for Pink Floyd: The Later Years, that allows fans to experience the band’s music like never before.

🗿Go to to place life-size, animated versions of the iconic album artwork into your environment.

3. Run with the ostriches in Jumanji: The Next Level

Jump into the world of Jumanji and explore the dunes, moat and fortress in Jumanji: The Next Level WebAR experience. Sony Pictures and Trigger — The Mixed Reality Agency® teamed up once again to create a WebAR experience for the feature film. The world’s first WebAR experience to uses voice activation powered by Amazon Lex, just tell the map where you want to go and it will take you there.

🌴Try the experience for yourself at and let me know what you think!

4. Watch Laura Rizzotto’s hologram perform from the comfort of your couch

Watch the full-length holographic performance of “One More Night” by the sensational Laura Rizzotto. Holographic capture studio, Metastage, teamed up with Laura Rizzotto to create a volumetric capture of her performance which was published as a WebAR experience to let you watch Laura sing and dance anywhere you are!

🎤 Turn your living room into a concert stage and watch Laura Rizzotto perform “One More Night” by hitting this link

5. Race on the moon with ROVR RUN WebVR game

Grab your Oculus Quest and control your mini lunar rover to collect as many oxygen tanks on the moon as possible before the time runs out in ROVR Run. This addictive arcade-style game created by 8th Wall will test your driving skills and let you show off your stunts while challenging you to beat your high score. ROVR Run is currently being featured on the Oculus Browser and the Firefox Reality browsers.

🌛 You can play it now by jumping in your headset and entering in the browser or finding it on the homepage of the Oculus Browser app.


Bonus: Challenge your friends to a remote game of “Collect4”

Source: Unbnd

Board games are a great way to spend time and connect with friends and WebAR makes it possible to play games with friends remotely. Immersive agency, Unbnd, launched “Collect4” an augmented reality take on the classic game Connect4 which you can play with friends right from the browser.

🎲 Play it with a friend by heading to Good luck on your match!

Tom Emrich is VP of Product at 8th Wall. A version of this post originally appeared on his Medium, reproduced here with the author’s permission.