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A Week in WebAR: Nike, LEGO and McDonald’s Sweden

by Jennifer DeFalco

What’s the latest in web AR? Nike unveils virtual try-on, LEGO Harry Potter lets you open portals; And McDonald’s Sweden replaces real balloons with AR. Check them all out below.

Nike Virtual View on FinishLine.com Lets You ‘Try On’ Apparel

Nike partnered with volumetric video agency Omnivor to create “Nike Virtual View,” a feature that lets shoppers preview clothing on 3D holograms of models in WebAR while browsing the Finish Line website. Customers can select from XS-XL to see how Nike styles fit on a model that is their size, swipe to rotate, then tap “Shop Now” to purchase with size and fit confidence.


👟 Check it out for yourself here.

LEGO Harry Potter Lets You Cast a Spell to Open a Secret Portal

For the launch of the new LEGO® Harry Potter™ sets, UK-based agency Hoopla Digital created this magical WebAR experience, which uses voice activation technology to initiate augmented reality. Point your phone at your window or wall, and upon saying the secret spell a lightning bolt zaps to reveal a hidden portal to a wizarding LEGO world.

⚡Try it yourself here.

McDonald’s Sweden Replaces Real Balloons with AR to Reduce Waste

As a part of their commitment to reduce single-use plastics, McDonald’s Sweden partnered with Stockholm-based agency DVA to replace all of the real balloons in their restaurants with a new generation of balloons — WebAR balloons, which are even more fun and never end up as litter. Users are challenged to pop as many AR balloons as fast as possible, and since it’s virtual, guests ordering delivery can also join in the fun.

“By replacing our balloons with a digital AR game, we are giving more people the opportunity to have even more fun since the game can be played from anywhere. While at the same time doing something important for our planet,” says Staffan Ekstam, Director of Marketing at McDonald’s Sweden. “


🎈Play the game here.

Jennifer DeFalco is Brand Manager at 8th Wall. A version of this post originally appeared on 8th Wall’s Medium, contributed here by the author.


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