New Study Reveals 23 Percent of U.S. Adults Have Tried Virtual Reality

Survey research from Thrive Analytics & ARtillery Intelligence reveals who’s using VR, how often, and with what hardware.

Thrive Analytics and ARtillery Intelligence today released a new report: VR Usage & Consumer Attitudes, Wave VI. ARtillery Intelligence authored survey questions and a narrative report while Thrive Analytics administered the survey through its established survey engine and ongoing Virtual Reality Monitor™ research.

Highlights include the fact that 23 percent of consumers have used VR, and 80 percent of those users do so at least monthly. Non-VR users conversely report low interest in the technology – 18 percent, down from 20 percent in Wave V. This disparity between user satisfaction and non-user ambivalence represents an ongoing marketing challenge for VR.

On the bright side, standalone VR – exemplified by Meta Quest 2 – was a standout in this year’s survey. The Meta-owned device has grown in use from 24 percent of survey respondents in Wave V to 34 percent in Wave VI. This is driven by Quest 2’s competitive feature set, expanding library of hit games & experiences, and aggressive pricing.

“Meta is investing heavily in VR and is playing a long game,” said Mike Boland, Chief Analyst of ARtillery Intelligence. “That investment includes bringing Quest 2’s price down to accelerate its market share and network effect, which is classic Meta. The result is that consumers end up with a compelling device that’s less expensive than it should be.”

Virtual Reality Monitor™ applies Thrive Analytics’ acumen and time-tested practices in survey research. Wave VI included a sample of 98,000+ U.S. adults. Furthermore, six waves of research now enable robust longitudinal analysis and trend evaluation. Thrive Analytics and ARtillery Intelligence also produce a corresponding AR report which was published last month.

“AR and VR remain in early-adoption phases,” said Thrive Analytics Managing Partner Jason Peaslee. “But though there are typical challenges and adoption barriers, these technologies will gradually transform the way people work, connect, and learn. We’re committed to quantifying that evolutionary path over the next several years.”

VR Usage & Consumer Attitudes, Wave VI

Report Availability

VR Usage & Consumer Attitudes, Wave VI is available from ARtillery Intelligence and Thrive Analytics. Deeper access to the base data and additional strategic analysis can be obtained from Thrive Analytics.

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Virtual Reality Monitor™ is Thrive Analytics’ proprietary survey of virtual reality/augmented reality technology users. These surveys, conducted semiannually, track the adoption rates, usage, satisfaction levels, profiles, and many other areas related to VR/AR users. Each wave has a customizable section for client-specific inquiries. Results & key insights are communicated in advisory reports & presentations, charts & infographics, newsletters & articles, and custom data views. Information from these studies is used by marketers, product managers, consultants, and other people working in the technology space.

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