As you may know, pre-orders shipped this week for Meta’s much-anticipated and upleveled Quest 3. With only a few days out of the box, several hands-on reviews have already published, which go a step beyond the earlier batch of announcement-day Meta-chaperoned reviews.

The consensus so far? Quest 3 carries big spec improvements over Quest 2, especially in optical quality and field of view – both a function of pancake lenses versus fresnel lenses. There’s also a big jump in resolution and color in the device’s passthrough AR – a central feature.

But offsetting many of the hardware and software merits is a common refrain about content shortcomings that take advantage of advanced specs. The good news is that this will change over time as content develops – both fully-immersive and mixed-reality use cases.

But don’t take it from us… listen to pro reviewers, which we’ve assembled below in video form. If you’re interested in print reviews instead, we’d recommend VR specialists versus tech generalists. On that, you can’t go wrong with Road to VR’s Ben Lang, and Upoad’s David Heaney.

Quest 3 Review – A Great Headset Waiting to Reach Its Potential

Review Roundup

On to the video reviews, here are our top picks in no particular order. For the most technically-detailed review, start with Tested’s Norm Chan (as always). If you’re interested in commentary geared more towards general audiences, start with Scott Stein, then move down the list…

Norm Chan, Tested

Scott Stein, CNET

Cas and Charry


Virtual Reality Oasis

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