This Fall, Chobani conjured up a bewitching Halloween experience for customers of all ages. The yogurt brand asked Creative Production Partner Tool to help them introduce their seasonal Halloween-themed Chobani® Flip® 4-packs by turning their packaging into a virtual trick-or-treat platform using the power of AR.

Family Fun in AR

The goal was to drive sales through “fun” and the joy of Halloween, with a long-term view of creating a seasonal AR platform tied into Chobani’s packaging. The challenge was to design a simple yet engaging AR experience suitable for the whole family. Each Chobani package showcased reimagined artwork featuring hand-illustrated Halloween monsters, adding a touch of enchantment to their popular yogurt line.

Integrated into the design was a QR code and CTA to “Scan The QR Code”. The Tool and Chobani teams devised an exciting AR experience centered around the concept of trick-or-treating. Drawing inspiration from the classic shell experience, the experience utilized Chobani Flip ingredients as “treats” hidden behind doors, while the package illustrations came to life as playful “tricksters.”

Players were presented with three doors: one hiding a “treat” and two concealing “tricks.” The doors shuffled to add intrigue, increasing in speed with each round. Players selected a door by tapping on it, revealing either a treat, thus earning them a point, or a trick, where the animated monsters from the packaging illustrations playfully teased and taunted them. The game lasted for 60 seconds, challenging players to find as many treats as possible.

After completing the experience, users could snap a selfie with a mask inspired by the Flip Halloween characters and share it with friends and family. But that’s not all – treats awaited, which included screensavers, coloring pages, and even physical goodies like button pins, keychains, and a mini fridge for users who completed the experience.

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From 2D to 3D

One of the project’s key challenges was transforming 2D traditional illustrations into dynamic and exciting 3D experiences. To achieve this, the team at Tool and 8th Wall combined 3D elements with 2D artwork to create a blended 2.5D experience that stayed true to the packaging’s unique style. They brought the illustrations to life dimensionally, utilizing the 3D space provided by AR. This was accomplished through creative animations and clever asset placement, creating visually engaging elements like flocks of monsters (bats and flying skulls) and dynamic particles such as dust and leaves.

The experience was web-based, using Web GL, providing accessibility to all users without the need for a downloaded app. PlayCanva, a web-based game engine, was used to speed up our development time and handle the game mechanics. Chobani’s creative use of AR technology, developed in collaboration with Tool and powered by 8th Wall, bridges the gap between traditional packaging and engaging digital content.

Scary Good Results

This unique, interactive experience elevated Chobani’s ability to connect with consumers in a whole new way. The campaign was a major success for the brand, generating 2,600 hours of engagement, 2x the average benchmark for dwell time (based on benchmark from 8th Wall / Niantic and email lead generation).

Dustin Callif is president at creative production partner Tool.

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