One of the ongoing themes in our coverage of Apple Vision Pro isn’t so much about the device and its specs but rather its broader market positioning. Apple is playing a long game, and Vision Pro is the first step in a lengthy journey. We’ll see several generations of this device.

To that end, V1 is to plant a flag to demonstrate what’s possible at any cost. Then it will spend years improving the device, bringing down the price tag, and maybe even spin out cheaper consumer-grade versions. But in all the above, the goal is to help Apple future-proof itself.

As we’ve examined, Apple is all about revenue diversification, given the maturation of the iPhone (and the smartphone market in general). That most notably includes wearables and services, the latter including Apple Music and Apple TV. These mostly offset iPhone revenue declines.

Vision Pro Ships Today with Glimpses of Tomorrow

The thing about Vision Pro is that it feeds into and supports both of these revenue centers. There are continuity features that integrate elegantly with other wearables. And with services, Vision Pro is an elite entertainment device that opens doors for content subscriptions (and sports).

To further unpack these principles, AR Insider Editor in Chief, Mike Boland was recently a co-host on Localogy’s This Week in Local podcast. The show is geared towards local media & commerce players like Yelp, Google, and Amazon – all of which have an eye on spatial computing.

See the full episode embedded below and stay tuned for more coverage and commentary as Vision Pro penetrates the market in its current form… and evolves into other forms. There will be lots to watch and lots to say as the device’s lifecycle commences in the coming months and years.

Header image credit: Igor Omilaev on Unsplash

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