We’re big fans of talking about lightfields… and even bigger fans of hearing innovators talk about them. That’s been the case for our friends at Visby, who can explain the complex topic in understandable ways.

The latest comes from Avegant, whose co founder and CTO Edward Tang gave an address at AWE ’17 on the importance and dynamics of lightfield technology for AR and MR (see video below).

As background, lightfields involve the basic physics what we see in the world around us. And to simulate how photons hit our eyes to render images in our brains, they will be a key part in immersive technologies like AR and VR.

Where this really comes into play is the vision for volumetric AR and VR experiences. The key is photorealistic 3D object rendering from every possible angle, including things like accurate light reflections.

See a more in-depth explanation and a peek into the things Avegant is working on in Tang’s address below.

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Header image credit: YouTube