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A Week in WebAR: Porsche, Saatchi Art, Burger King UK

Porsche Wins a Red Dot Award; View Over a Million Works of Art in Your Room; and Watch the Smallest Gig Ever on a Burger

by Jennifer DeFalco

This week we’re examining 8th Wall-powered WebAR activations that recently launched across four different industry verticals: Automotive, Ecommerce and Food (x Entertainment!). Check out how these agencies, brands and public figures are breaking new ground in leveraging web-based AR to deliver meaningful immersive experiences directly to users’ smartphones.

Porsche and innovation.rocks Receive Two 2020 Red Dot Awards for WebAR Training Tool

The Digital Porsche Brand Academy, a Web AR training experience developed for Porsche by consulting agency innovation.rocks, has received two prestigious Red Dot Awards in the ‘Interface & UX’ and ‘Brand Design & Identity’ categories. The Red Dot Award is an international design competition for product and communication design and is considered one of the preeminent award programs in the design field.

The Digital Porsche Brand Academy is a first-to-market training tool that enables Porsche employees around the world to experience the brand’s unique history and values firsthand using augmented reality. An animated avatar takes employees on a journey through three different chapters of Porsche’s brand story: the past, present and future, where they can explore realistically-animated Porsche locations, take a seat in a virtual Porsche, support the construction of a car, and take a quiz at the end of the experience.

The Digital Porsche Brand Academy gives employees the chance to build a relationship with the brand and discover the company’s future plans.


Saatchi Art Launches World’s Largest WebAR Deployment Letting Customers View Over 1 Million Works of Art at Home

Leading online art gallery, Saatchi Art, has launched a web-based augmented reality feature called “View in a Room,” letting customers view over a million works of art in their home before buying online. Developed by AR design firm Rock Paper Reality, “View in a Room” is the largest Web AR deployment to use 8th Wall’s augmented reality technology to date.

According to a survey by Saatchi Art, 70 percent of art buyers are hesitant to purchase because they can’t see the artwork in advance. The “View in a Room” AR feature allows art buyers to select artworks on SaatchiArt.com and instantly see them on their own walls at home using their smartphone or tablet — no app required.

This first-of-its-kind production-grade deployment was designed and architected for scalability across the entire site — each art piece is dynamically scaled based on the artwork’s metadata and deployed into AR on a 3D canvas with the approximate real-world dimensions of the physical artwork. It also includes a proximity indicator, which analyses the user’s position in the 3D scene and warns users when they are getting too close to the wall. This was developed to improve the performance when tracking artwork on walls that are often markerless.

“8th Wall and Rock Paper Reality have been fantastic partners throughout the entire development process of this new ‘View in a Room’ WebAR feature on our site. We are thrilled to be among the first to bring this technology to market and transform the way our customers discover and purchase art on mobile web” — Jeanne Anderson, General Manager of Saatchi Art.

Burger King UK Debuts World-First Private AR Concert on a Burger with Rapper Tinie Performing ‘Whoppa on a Whopper’

Burger King and UK-based rap artist Tinie Tempah teamed up to deliver the world’s tiniest concert. For a limited time, Burger King UK customers could scan a QR code on Whopper burgers which generated a hologram of Tinie, who performed his latest single “Whoppa” on a Whopper. You can see it by tapping this link from a smartphone.

“Of all the ways I’d be launching a single in 2020, I couldn’t have predicted that it would be through a performance on top of a flame-grilled Whopper,” said Tinie.

This world-first private AR burger concert was created by agency BBH and produced in collaboration with Dimension Studios and Bully! Entertainment, and was promoted via outdoor ads and social media. It is believed to be the smallest gig ever.

Katie Evans, Marketing Director for Burger King ® UK, commented, “As soon as we heard about Tinie’s Whoppa song, we couldn’t help but dream up innovative ways to get involved. Of all of the ideas, this was the one that really brought a smile, and we’re so glad we’re able to offer our Whopper as a stage at a time when we could all do with a bit of fun and frivolity.”

Jennifer DeFalco is Brand Manager at 8th Wall. A version of this post originally appeared on 8th Wall’s Medium.


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