One challenge in early-stage tech sectors is that they have opportune but dispersed ecosystems. By ecosystem, we mean the value chain of supporting parts & players – as well as the connections that bind them. It’s all about companies and professionals finding each other.

This becomes a function of transparency and market intelligence, which can be assisted to some degree by tools like LinkedIn and Crunchbase. But in highly-specialized sectors that have specific competencies and tech stacks – as XR does – targeted tools are needed.

Enter the ArborXR Directory. ArborXR – an enterprise VR management platform – launched the directory today as a centralized platform to connect XR players and professionals. One key use case for example is to provide connective tissue for companies and developers.

The former are often looking for talent to help them reach go-to-market goals, while the latter are in search of a fitting home for their skill sets. The ArborXR Directory brings them together through profiles and portfolios that qualify and quantify developer or vendor merits.

Infusing Agility

To achieve all the above, developers and vendors are vetted to ensure a quality standard across the directory. They’re also given badges to signal specific areas of specialization and experience. And their profiles contain demos that let companies get a quick taste of their technical chops.

These features are meant to streamline an otherwise cumbersome process of vetting developers, negotiations, and NDAs. As all of this is happening, go-to-market strategies are stalled, which can carry opportunity costs for any XR company. ArborXR wants to infuse some agility.

It’s also the right company to pull this off. ArborXR’s leading enterprise VR management platform puts it at the center of the XR industry. From that central position, it has unique access to build and maintain a robust database. This could be the networking marketplace that XR needs.

“We understand the challenges that companies face when adopting VR for enterprise use cases,” ArborXR CEO Brad Scoggin told AR Insider. “Our app directory and demo packs make it easy to find trusted developers and help companies grow successful XR programs.”

3 Takeaways from XR Industry Leaders

Network Effect

ArborXR Directory is off to a strong start with 60+ developers and 20+ curated demo apps available at launch. These include XR vendors like Futurus, VictoryXR, Bodyswaps, TRIPP, Talespin, GW Pro, Hard Hat VR, Nanome, Reulay, Moth+Flame, XR Health, and

Importantly, there’s also ample variety in the immersive use cases that these vendors cover. Reflecting the breadth of enterprise XR applicability and demand, this list so far includes everything from immersive corporate training, to healthcare, manufacturing, and safety.

Moreover, all the above will expand as the directory self-propels. Supply will soon be met with more demand – in other words, companies needing XR development work. The growing presence of that demand will in turn attract more developers, and the flywheel starts to spin.

The goal, and likely outcome, is for a network effect to kick in. And that’s exactly what the XR sector needs. The free-to-use ArborXR Directory will accelerate that industry evolution and comes at the right time. We’ll watch closely as it hits its stride in the coming months.

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