What were the biggest XR trends and events in 2018? We took a deep dive in the latest Intelligence Briefing on 2018 lessons and 2019 predictions. But a barometer of the year’s activity can also be seen in the most popular AR Insider posts.

So in lieu of this week’s XR Talks, we’re featuring the top posts from AR Insider (formerly ARtillry) from the past year. You can browse the most popular posts below, which are listed in various categories and formats. For a deeper indexed archive XR Intelligence, subscribe to ARtillery PRO.

Trend Analysis: Top 5

Why Is Apple Interested in AR?

AR Business Models, Part VI: AR as a Service

Is it Better in AR?

AR Cloud: Road to the ‘Plurality’

Test Driving Google Lens: The Strategic Take


AR Insider Interviews: Top 5

Building an AR Cloud: A Conversation with 6D.ai

Lowering XR Barriers: A Conversation with Amazon Sumerian

Accelerating XR Adoption: A Conversation with Accenture Extended Reality

Building Blocks for AR: A Conversation with Ubiquity6

Responsive Design for the Real World: A Conversation with Unity

AR Briefs Episodes: Top 3 

ARtillry Briefs, Episode 16: AR and the “Internet of Places”

ARtillry Briefs, Episode 15: Who’s Adopting Mobile AR?

ARtillry Briefs, Episode 20: Where Are Tech Giants Taking AR?

Data Point of the Week: Top 3 

Data Point of the Week: 1.8 Million Oculus Gos Sold This Year?

Data Point of the Week: 50% More AR Companies in 2018

Data Point of the Week: Retail XR Will Reach $1.6B in 2025

XR Talks: Top 3 

XR Talks: What’s the Magicverse?

XR Talks: The AR Cloud Explained

XR Talks: Insights from XR Investors

Behind the Numbers: Top 3 

Behind the Numbers: Consumer AR’s Road to $16.5 Billion

Behind the Numbers: Enterprise AR’s Road to $29 Billion

Behind the Numbers: What’s Consumer VR’s Revenue Outlook?

Intelligence Briefings: Top 3   

AR Cloud and the ‘Internet of Places’

Mobile AR: Usage and Consumer Attitudes, Wave I

AR Business Models: The Top of the Food Chain, Parts I & II

Lastly, what were the biggest lessons in 2018? What’s the outlook for 2019?

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