Spatial computing consultant, futurist and author Charlie Fink has launched his latest venture: EXRD. Sort of a road show of enterprise XR demos, it will take place over the next three months in Los Angeles, New York and Boston.

This is the right time for such a traveling demo tour, as the XR industry moves from blue sky narratives to a greater need to prove value. That excercise should be grounded in real tech demos. Think of it as a more structured and intimate version of the bustling AWE show floor.

AR Insider has partnered with EXRD to help spread the word, which means additional info we’ll publish here on an ongoing basis. You can also see lots more detail from Fink below and check out the event series landing page here. There will be lots of hands-on perspective to gain.

XR Consultant, Forbes columnist and author Charlie Fink is conducting a three-city event designed for executives and entrepreneurs to learn what AR and XR mean, and how they can be used for, among other things:

— Knowledge Capture
— Training
— Work Instructions
— Design
— Remote Experts.

In two hours, participants will get twelve XR demonstrations and experience first hand the benefits of VR, AR, and Spatial Computing from the leading companies in the industry.

All devices will be attended and programmed to demonstrate the most popular and useful XR applications for business. The limited number of participants are each assigned a start time and move from station to station.

The Program Includes
— One dozen unique AR demos
— Exclusive webinar
— White paper, detailing each device and application
— Wait-free demos of the top AR devices
— Meet company reps on site
— Signed copy of Charlie’s AR-enabled book, Convergence (a $50 value)

Fall Schedule: 
Los Angeles @ TEC – September 24 & 25
New York @ rLab – October 24 & 25
Boston @ PTC – October 21 & 22

Find out more here.

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