What were the biggest XR trends and events in 2023? Our research arm, ARtillery Intelligence, took a deep dive in its report, Spatial Computing: 2023 Lesson, 2024 Outlook. But a barometer of the year’s activity can also be seen in the most popular AR Insider posts.

So as the door closes on 2023, we’re spotlighting the year’s 23 most popular posts. Browse them below in various categories. For a deeper indexed archive spatial computing intelligence, subscribe to ARtillery PRO. And look forward to more daily coverage here in 2024.

Annual Predictions: 2023 Lessons, 2024 Outlook


The New Face of AR: Ambient & Intelligent

Will Live Sports Be Vision Pro’s Killer App?

For Vision Pro to Live, Siri Must Die

What’s Apple’s Long-Term AR Vision?

Brickit Express Thinks Outside the Blocks

Are App Clips a Better Vessel for AR?

2023 Predictions: Metaverse Mania Fades

Behind the Numbers

Will VR Revenue Reach $20 Billion by 2027?

Will Headworn AR Reach $35 Billion by 2027?

Will Mobile AR Revenue Reach $39 Billion by 2027?

How Many Mobile Devices are AR-Compatible?

Will AR Marketing Reach $14.5 Billion by 2027?

Data Dive

How Many VR Headsets Did Meta Sell in Q3?

TikTok Strikes its Latest AR Milestone

Data Dive: ARCore Gains Ground

XR Talks

Rony Abovitz Maps Out XR’s Next Phase

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses Review Roundup

What’s Cooking in Lowe’s’ Infinite VR Kitchen?

Quest 3: Five Hands-on Takes

Xreal Air 2 Review Roundup

Vantage (Guest Posts)

How I Created an AI-Generated Trailer

Does Showrunner AI Embody All Hollywood’s Fears?

SXSW Journal: Serendipity, FOMO & Joy

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