What were the biggest XR trends and events in 2022? Our research arm, ARtillery Intelligence, took a deep dive in its report, Reality Check: The State of Spatial Computing. But a barometer of the year’s activity can also be seen in the most popular AR Insider posts.

So as the door closes on 2022, we’re spotlighting the year’s 22 most popular posts. Browse them below in various categories. For a deeper indexed archive spatial computing intelligence, subscribe to ARtillery PRO. And look forward to more daily coverage here in 2022.

Reality Check: The State of Spatial Computing

Trendline: Top 5

Hands-On with Magic Leap 2

Hands-On with Snap Spectacles

Follow the Money: Meta Doesn’t Want to Own the Metaverse

Snapdragon AR2 is the First Chip Built Just for AR

Is TikTok AR’s Sleeping Giant?

XR Talks: Top 5

XR Talks: The Creator Economy Collides with AR

XR Talks: Big Thinkers, Burning Questions

Google I/O: The AR Angle

XR Talks: Plotting the Future from Lessons of the Past

XR Talks: Quest Pro Review Roundup

Behind the Numbers: Top 5 

Will VR Revenue Exceed $28 Billion by 2026?

What’s the Sales Outlook for AR Glasses?

How Much is Spent on AR Enabling Tech?

Will AR Marketing Reach $15 Billion by 2026?

Mobile AR Users Break the One-Billion Barrier

AR Briefs: Top 5

ARtillery Briefs, Episode 54: What’s the Revenue Outlook for AR Glasses?

ARtillery Briefs, Episode 55: What is Geo-local AR?

ARtillery Briefs, Episode 57: VR Revenue Outlook

ARtillery Briefs, Episode 61: How Do AR Users Really Feel?

ARtillery Briefs, Episode 62: How Do VR Users Really Feel?

Honorable Mention: Top Guest Posts

The State of VR Concerts: Findings from the Hottieverse

TRYO: Why We Built a Universal Try-on App

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