What were the biggest spatial computing trends and events in 2021? Our research arm, ARtillery Intelligence, took a deep dive in its latest report on 2021 lessons & 2022 predictions. But a barometer of the year’s activity can also be seen in the most popular AR Insider posts.

So as the door closes on 2021, we’re spotlighting the year’s 21 most popular posts. Browse them below in various categories. For a deeper indexed archive spatial computing intelligence, subscribe to ARtillery PRO. And look forward to more daily coverage here in 2022.

Spatial Computing: 2021 Lessons, 2022 Outlook

Trendline: Top 5

AR Insider’s series on trend analysis in spatial computing

Snap Unveils AR Glasses

Can Advertising Scale in VR? (Yes and No)

Are Ray-Ban Stories AR Training Wheels?

Who Will Build the Metavearth?

Qualcomm Moves Up the Stack with Snapdragon Spaces

XR Talks: Top 5

AR Insider’s weekly series on the top industry talks, including video & takeaways

XR Talks: Breaking Down the Meta Keynote

XR Talks: Metaverse 101

XR Talks: Breaking Down AR Marketing Best Practices

XR Talks: Augmenting Hollywood

XR Talks: What is Aggregation Theory?

Data Dive: Top 5

AR Insider’s weekly series that dives into industry data, usage, revenue & milestones

Did Quest 2 Sell 1.4 Million Units in Q3?

Data Dive: Pokémon GO Hits the $5 Billion Mark

Are 90% of Smartphones AR-Ready?

Did AR App Downloads Reach 1.5B Last Year?

How Do Mobile AR Platforms Stack Up?

Data Dive: Can Virtual Events Bring in the Big Bucks?

Behind the Numbers: Top 3

AR Insider’s series that breaks down new releases from our research arm, ARtillery Intelligence.

Will VR Revenue Exceed $22 Billion by 2025?

Will Headworn AR Revenues Exceed $17 Billion by 2025?

Will Mobile AR Revenues Reach $26 Billion by 2025?

AR Briefs: Top 3

AR Insider’s monthly series featuring video insights in under 5 minutes.

AR Briefs, Episode 49: How Do AR Users Really Feel?

AR Briefs, Episode 48: Enterprise AR Case Studies

AR Briefs, Episode 51: Monetization Materializes

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