What were the biggest spatial computing trends and events in 2019? Our research arm, ARtillery Intelligence took a deep dive in its latest report on 2019 lessons & 2020 predictions. But a barometer of the year’s activity can also be seen in the most popular AR Insider posts.

So as 2019 winds down, we’re featuring the year’s most popular posts. Browse them below in various categories and formats. For a deeper indexed archive spatial computing intelligence, subscribe to ARtillery PRO. And look forward to more daily spatial computing coverage in 2020.

Trend Analysis: Top 10

Is Apple Building an Entertainment Wearable?

Is Facebook Building a ‘Social Layer’ For the Spatial Web?

‘Audio AR’ Emerges: Discussions with Developers

Begun, The Wearables Wars Have

Will Google Incubate AR Inside Search?

Is Instagram AR’s Sleeping Giant?

Where Are We in AR’s Lifecycle?

Will ‘Picks & Shovels’ Accelerate AR in 2019?

Is Google Building an ‘Internet of Places?’

Is Oculus Quest VR’s ‘iPhone Moment?’


XR Talks: Top 5

XR Talks: Snap Doubles Down on AR

XR Talks: What on Earth is Mirrorworld?

XR Talks: Building an Audio AR Platform

XR Talks: Hands-on With Tilt Five

XR Talks: What’s Working in AR Advertising & Commerce


Campaign Tracker: Top 3

Campaign Tracker: Miller Lite Brings in the Green

Campaign Tracker: CB2 Boosts Revenue Per Visit 21% with AR

Campaign Tracker: Facebook Campaign Boosts Purchases 28%


AR Briefs Episodes: Top 3 

AR Briefs, Episode 32: AR Strategies & Business Models

AR Briefs, Episode 29: AR Revenue Outlook

AR Briefs, Episode 25: Consumer AR Survey Results

Behind the Numbers: Top 3 

5 Million AR Headsets by 2023?

AR Advertising Projected to Reach $8.8 Billion by 2023

VR Hardware Revenues Projected to Reach $6.39 Billion by 2023


The AR Show: Top 3

The AR Show: Accelerating, Monetizing & Distributing AR

The AR Show: End-User Focus Will Win AR

The AR Show: Where Do AR and VR Work?

Data Point of the Week: Top 3 

Has Oculus Sold 333,000 Quest’s So Far?

Pokémon Go Passes the $3 Billion Mark

ARCore Reaches 400 Million Devices


Intelligence Briefings: Top 3 

2020 Spatial Predictions: Apple’s AR Fate

What AR Business Models Drive the Most Revenue?

22% of U.S. Adults Use Mobile AR


Lastly, what were the biggest lessons in 2019? What’s the outlook for 2020?

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